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Ziibimijwang Farm & Minogin Market
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ziibimijwang farm carp lake michigan

Ziibimijwang Farm

5055 Gill Road
Carp Lake, Michigan 49718
Email ziibifarm@gmail.com 

minogin market mackinaw city michigan

Minogin Market

229 S. Huron Avenue
Mackinaw City, Michigan 49701
Email minoginmarket@gmail.com

Our Mission and Vision

Ziibimijwang (ZEE-BA-MIGE-WAANG) is committed to restoring and strengthening mnobimaadziwin of the Odawa community through a foundation of indigenous food systems and cultural activities. Maampii Ziibimijwang geyaabi daktigewok, dagiiwsewok miinwaa noonj gegoo gaamizhichigewaat Odawak kchimewzha. Mii zhinda mnobimaadziwin genjibaamigak.

About Ziibimijwang Farm

It is here – The Place Where Food Grows Near the River – that we are reminded that as Anishinaabek people, we are inseparable from the land. Our land holds the memories of our ancestors and tells our people who we were, who we are, and who we will be. We owe our existence to our resilient ancestors who looked after our land and taught us what it means to be Waganakising Odawak. We continue to gather here at the Place Where Food Grows Near the River to continue the work of our ancestors.

Ziibimijwang honors our ancestors’ legacy by providing a reliable food source in the community that is independent of the larger food system which encourages a healthy lifestyle for our people.

We have made it our responsibility to grow community knowledge on farming and gardening practices so that they are able to apply that knowledge in their own lives.

Ziibimijwang has hosted the annual spring 3 sisters planting and fall harvest feast and gathering to give that knowledge back to our community. We are grateful and humbled by the large turnouts at these events – it lets us know we are on the right path to achieving food sovereignty and our community supports the work we are doing.

Ziibimijwang Farm

Connecting Generations at the Place of the Flowing River

Ziibimijwang (ZEE-BEE mige-waang) is committed to improving the welfare of the Odawak community through sustainable agriculture, organic growing, and indigenous food systems!